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Music Term Stock No. Artist Title Disc No.
020073 Sigil Project
URL: http://sigilproject.j...
Watashi No Kaze Wa Ziyu Ni Utau Sigil Project
Sigil Project / Watashi No Kaze Wa Ziyu Ni Utau Item CD   1.Sound of Mind 1     Listening Listening
  2.Zinsei No Uta     Listening Listening
  3.Tonbi     Listening Listening
  4.Syarin No Ue De     Listening Listening
  5.Tukiyo No Monogatari     Listening Listening
  6.Emerald Forest     Listening Listening
  7.Sound of Mind 2     Listening Listening
  8.Sumomo No Ki     Listening Listening
  9.JousyouKiryu     Listening Listening
  10.SakuraIro No Kaze Ga Huku     Listening Listening

Segment Progressive
World Music
Release Year 2002
Recording Sheets 1
Price \2,057
Recording Number 10
This is the first album of Sigil Project completed by throughout a period of two years. Although it is nostalgic somewhere, it's not the principle to reminisce. It's fresh, but not defiant. While being influenced with various music, nobody is followed.
Natural music, in my true colors.
The miraculous collaboration of the non-genre・ non-style super easygoing musician, M.K.WAJIN and pro musicians with wonderful ability and a wonderful achievement.
(Chizuko Ura and Hideyuki Shima, from SIXNORTH)
SIXNORTH had been a whole-world CD debut from the MUSEA RECORDS of France. They are evaluated "The Japanese highest tune", and have the live contest with an overseas big name, etc.. They advance steadily continued in remarkable activity.
Piapi won the female vocalist contest of Kitty records, and then she debuted as the major singer from plural record companies. She plays an active part in TV, radio, and the live now.
(Makoto Inoue)
Makoto Inoue is a veteran theoretical lecturer, and he plays an active part in various fields, blues, jazz and pops, as a guitarist.
(Asami Taniguchi)
Asami Taniguchi is a sweet voice singer song writer, and she plays an active part in the internet indies music community.
(Showky Saezawa)
Furthermore, jacket design is this man ant to Kyoto! Showky Saezawa is not only almighty locker but also pro-designer.
(Takashi Kotani)
Takashi Kotani is a musician, a novelist and a Film director. He is very highly motivated in progress of a music community.
Oh, splendid persons were concerned with me....What should I do?
Probably, there is value heard at once in various meanings.
It develops the quite individual world in this CD.

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