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Improvisations on the Cello or Non-border-transgressive Solo SPC RECORDS
IRUMAGAWA MASAMI / Improvisations on the Cello or Non-border-transgressive Solo Item CD   1.Threshold 1     Listening Listening
  2.Threshold 2     Listening Listening
  3.Threshold 3     Listening Listening
  4.Threshold 4     Listening Listening
  5.Threshold 5     Listening Listening
  6.Threshold 6     Listening Listening
  7.Threshold 7     Listening Listening
  8.Threshold 8     Listening Listening
  9.Threshold 9     Listening Listening
  10.Threshold 10     Listening Listening
  11.Threshold 11     Listening Listening
  12.Threshold 12     Listening Listening
  13.Threshold 13     Listening Listening
  14.Threshold 14     Listening Listening
  15.Threshold 15     Listening Listening
  16.Threshold 16     Listening Listening
Segment Progressive
Release Year 2002
Recording Sheets 1
Price \2,570
Recording Number 16
Irumagawa Masami is a member of M'S NEXUS. "His performances are always recorded of his own will. In the written music, a role of each part is adjusted or rearranged after overlooking the whole, as well as the performance whose record is always referred, on the contrary, becomes a record of the process of composition. And as overlooking is more characteristic of "the music as the recorded" than "the music as the written", the performance itself becomes one of ways of reading and editing. (As you have already realized, a recorded live performance was separated into 16 sections, and those are rearranged with some intention in this album. While the order of them mostly follows the actual recorded time, this album is not a record of the performance. We see an example of western compositions). By Koyama Hiroto

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