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Music Term Stock No. Artist Title Disc No.
020152 Zettaimu
What Can I Do Garando Records
Zettaimu / What Can I Do Item CD   1.Dawning-prologue     Listening Listening
  2.CLASS V     Listening Listening
  3.What Can I Do     Listening Listening
  4.Glass Balloon     Listening Listening
  5.Twilight in My life     Listening Listening
  6.Butterfly Dance     Listening Listening
  7.Uo-Sao     Listening Listening
  8.Alcatraz Wind     Listening Listening
  9.Languid Morning     Listening Listening
  10.Namu-Amidabutu III     Listening Listening
  11.Dowing-epilogue     Listening Listening
Segment Progressive
Vocal Future
World Music
Release Year 2003
Recording Sheets 1
Price \2,619
Recording Number 11
Sold Out
Although it is "Japanese style", it is the world of "Zettaimu" the scent of Europe is pervading somewhere. The album has the places with the value to listen including the lyrics which fit the age, and the music which developed unexpectedly, however the melody which is easy to memorize also surprisingly is strangely pop. The creative universe of the rock, pop-music and progressive music harmonized completely has produced "Wabi Sabi of Japan" at the keen arrangement.
If you like Beatles, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, THE CURE, Velvet Underground, King Crimson, Brian Eno, Slapp Happy, Television and Erik Satie, we will recommend this work to you.
This work which is exciting from Japan is prided in the world... You will probably come to like it!!

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