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Music Term Stock No. Artist Title Disc No.
020166 AS666 Destructive Symphony alienFOODS
AS666 / Destructive Symphony Item CD   1.GATE     Listening Listening
  2.I.N.R.I     Listening Listening
  3.-Here comes the rain,again     Listening Listening
  4.Birth of Die     Listening Listening
  5.NOIZM     Listening Listening
  6.Destractive Symphony     Listening Listening

Segment Progressive
Synthesizer Future
Multiplex Recording
Release Year 2003
Recording Sheets 1
Price \2,095
Recording Number 6
The theme of album "Destructive Symphony" is life and death. It made over the time for about seven years after various approach and a lot trials. All music is suites and is the works new type which was not until now. It is based on a sampling collage and I have created "Visualization by sound" which nobody has made by mixing dark, heavy, the techno of mixture style with classical sound. A rare sound made by the original technique from a scream or a destructive sound is unstintingly poured into a vast quantity of my sound stock. As a world's first trial, I tried to complete this album not a tricky effect but as "pure music" by using Binoral Sound (3D sound). Music that nobody has ever listened to! Development that nobody can expect! So, the work for which imitation of nobody is possible.

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