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Music Term Stock No. Artist Title Disc No.
020179 Metamorphosis-One Lonely night Metamorphosis-One Record
Metamorphosis-One / Lonely night Item CD-R   1.Stage     Listening Listening
  2.Lonely night     Listening Listening
  3.Last rendezvous     Listening Listening
  4.Regret     Listening Listening
  5.haru no yuigon     Listening Listening
  6.Ave Maria     Listening Listening
  7.Syncopation     Listening Listening
  8.Treasure     Listening Listening
  9.samayou tamashi     Listening Listening
  10.Star Vega     Listening Listening

Segment Jazz
Piano Future
Vocal Future
Multiplex Recording
Release Year 2004
Recording Sheets 1
Price \2,090
Recording Number 10
There was the man who longed to jazz-chorus at one time.
Although he tried to multiplex recording in order to make the music such as Manhattan Transfer which is his favorite, he didn't know how to buy the enough equipments, so he had to be sealed his wish for twenty years. He began the music of the ideal again with a personal computer and a small box which is called MIDI that he got one day, because he noticed "My wish may be able to come true". The album was made crazily as if he recaptured the time of twenty years. This is the second album of one-person band which is called Metamorphosis-One. Can you believe the fact that the chorus and the performance of the big band that you can hear from this CD were made by only the one man?

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