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Music Term Stock No. Artist Title Disc No.
020318 vairocana Death Mask NURARIHYON RECORDS
vairocana / Death Mask Item CD   1.AAARRRrra     Listening Listening
  2.Mescal World     Listening Listening
  3.Love Potion No.19     Listening Listening
  4.Ua God is Dead     Listening Listening
  5.Sky Fish     Listening Listening
  6.Death Mask     Listening Listening
  7.Thanatos     Listening Listening
  8.Unfit Earth     Listening Listening
  9.Quintessence (Flute;Dogen Kinowaki)     Listening Listening
  10.Vairöcanation     Listening Listening

Segment Ambient
World Music
Multiplex Recording
Release Year 2006
Recording Sheets 1
Price \2,515
Recording Number 10
Hoomey, Tibet sutra, and "Juon" originally thought out is manipulated freely. The low degree of the frequency is a Guinness class! Vairocana is another name project of Norio Nakagawa who is the unusual talent of the contemporary music field. He won various prize, and he exhibits and performs to the international music festival. As for the height of the perfection of the work, the guarantee attaching will be able to be understood from this. Psytrance, ambient, world, and minimal ・・・A luxurious work where various elements are included. Track9-Quintessence is a work constructed only with the performance of Mr. Kinowaki Dogen who is a worldwide flutist. And this is a famous contemporary music work where the element of minimal is included. Should you call Psytrance of the contemporary music version? Moreover, Track10-Vairocanation is a compilation of the superman exceeding technique. The psytrance addict and those who love world music are works of coveting.

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