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Music Term Stock No. Artist Title Disc No.
020485 Nancy A. Parker Cherish KPM Production
Nancy A. Parker / Cherish Item CD   1.For Your Love     Listening Listening
  2.Arigatou     Listening Listening
  3.I'll Let You Go     Listening Listening
  4.Sora Wo Miyou     Listening Listening
  5.I'll Love You Always     Listening Listening
  6.Anata E     Listening Listening

Segment Rock/Pops
Vocal Future
Release Year 2009
Recording Sheets 1
Price \1,572
Recording Number 6
The theme of the CD is "Let's overcome sadness".

We all work hard for happiness, pray for loved ones so that good things happen to them. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we work and pray for good, bad things happen. Sometimes, they are so devastating that we struggle badly to recover. Nancy graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree of music (Applied Voice).

Her voice (soprano) is not only strong but also very smooth and tender. All six songs are filled with love and Nancy sings beautifully. Please listen to her music and hopefully you'll get the comfort that you deserve.

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