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Music Term Stock No. Artist Title Disc No.
020626 Fuyuhiko Tani
URL: http://being-and-time...
Fuyuhiko Early Works "1987-1990" JPRG RECORDS
Fuyuhiko Tani / Fuyuhiko Early Works "1987-1990" Item CD   1.Strange Notes     Listening Listening
  2.Freddy     Listening Listening
  3.Mind Control     Listening Listening
  4.Blue     Listening Listening
  5.Romance     Listening Listening
  6.Still(Studio Live)     Listening Listening
  7.Bronco(Bonus Track)     Listening Listening

Segment Fusion
Guitar Future
Multiplex Recording
Release Year 2019
Recording Sheets 1
Price \1,650
Recording Number 7
The instrumental songs Fuyuhiko Tani wrote and played in 1990 from 1987 are recorded in this album. Fuyuhiko Tani is playing guitars, bases and guitar synthesizers and is programing a drum machine and a sequencer in all songs. Songs included in an album are the genre of progressive rock/jazz-rock. Guitar plays and songs are affected by Allan Holdsworth and Bill Connors. All songs received high evaluation by a large number of contests and auditions.
Fuyuhiko Tani is a guitarist of "Being & Time"in progressive rock duet where a debut album was nominated as Best Debut Record of Italian ProgAward 2009 only in Japan. Fuyuhiko Tani is also a Ph.D. Psychologist and Associate Professor at Kobe University. The very high ability as the musician of Fuyuhiko Tani is praised from Hiroyuki Namba in Prof. Tokyo College of Music.

Produced by Fuyuhiko Tani
All songs written by Fuyuhiko Tani
Fuyuhiko Tani:Guitar, Bass, Guitar Synthesizer, Programming

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