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Music Term Stock No. Artist Title Disc No.
020628 noclaff Singing noclaff Office23
noclaff / Singing noclaff Item CD   1.LOOKIN' FOR LOVE     Listening Listening
  2.BLACK AND WHITE     Listening Listening
  3.CIRCUS LIFE     Listening Listening
  4.BEYOND THE SKY     Listening Listening
  5.THE OLDMAN AND THE SEA     Listening Listening
  6.HISTORIC MOMENT     Listening Listening
  7.NOVEMBER FOREST -Bonus track-     Listening Listening
  8.WIND SONG     Listening Listening
  9.PURPLE SYNDROME     Listening Listening

Segment HardRock
Release Year 2020
Recording Sheets 1
Price \1,500
Recording Number 9
It was not able to be realized to record a sound in a band.
However, I was particular to one hit of one hit, details of the 1 sound 1 sound and made it to hear even the music that I made with the recording function of the synthesizer like a band.
There is a limit to express a nuance peculiar to a musical instrument, but is passable; was finished.
I want you to hear workmanship by all means.
I record only music with a song according to the album title this time, but I make full use of the arrangement power that the part of the instrumental music is good at and I blunder and am the finish which there is not.
As the music of the instrumental music pays for a bonus truck in a hurry, I want you to listen to this by all means.

[Music introduction]
1 In the music that I am detonated by contact by masterpiece "Blade Runner" of the movie and had, it is the dramatic number appropriate for the opening. I want you to hear the delicate arrangement inlaid each place with by all means.
2 The peculiar pop music that I put a modern element in with the lyrics that were a mystery ass.
It is individuality of our band that has a long introduction.
3 Music about the eccentric main character's way of life.
It begins with rhythm of the reggae and violin solo is dramatic and heaps up it in the latter half.
Please pay attention to a vocal singing kindly.
4 Music about the feelings of the person who lost an important person.
It will be the music that is almost progressive rock most in this program.
Keyboard solo following the guitar solo of the middle stage becomes the requiem, and as for the sorrow in the top.
5 Please listen to a twin vocal totally different in the melody. The original version that I do not play very much live.
The contents which the title is the same, but are different from "an old man and the sea" of Hemingway.
6 The music that is relatively new in this program.
They are based on rhythm of the Latin, and a passionate piano solo, the thrilling guitar solo are special. Work of Fumi only with this album.
7 This bonus truck which I did in turn is music of the instrumental music that a scene to right wander in the forest in late fall floats according to the program daringly.
I want that a turn is hard and to hear comparison of the latter half that is electric to swell in the acoustic first half.
8 The music that imaged the girl who stood still on the hill where the wind rustled in.
In a repertory of various unfolding noclaff, I think that it is the simplest music. Is it by any chance for single cut?
9 There should be the person found to hear a title of a musical composition. The music that I finished like favorite "Deep Purple"
However, the place that is not "smoked ..." and "the barn" that everybody is made well seems to be us.
I sang it in a loud voice without changing the key to music for the male vocal, but how about?

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